Here comes Digi’s Internet Sharing service for your family and gadgets


If you’re not purging on telco news yet, here’s another for the week. Digi has just announced its new Internet Sharing feature – not a new plan per se, but applies to existing postpaid subscribers. Sharing is caring? It sure looks like it.

What’s this Internet Sharing all about? It’s a ride-on service for all Digi postpaid plans that allows you to share data quota with up to six supplementary lines. It costs just MYR10 per supplementary line, per month. The only caveat is that the postpaid plan must have unlimited voice calls to all networks.

Which basically means you can even opt for the lowest Digi Postpaid 28 plan, add MYR10 for unlimited voice calls, and an additional MYR10 to activate Internet Sharing. This will total up to MYR48/month, excluding the cost of your supplementary lines.

You may want to buy internet booster packs to complement the Internet Sharing service. There’s a selection of 0.5GB for MYR5; 7GB for MYR35; or 12GB for MYR50. These data packs are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Digi Internet Sharing
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Sample sharing scenarios

Share with family or share with your gadgets

There’s basically two ways to share your internet. Firstly, you can share it with family. The new Family supplementary line gives you unlimited calls to all networks for MYR38/month. Note that this plan does not come with data, so data is shared with principal line.

Next, if you have multiple gadgets (which I assume you do), you can use Internet Sharing via an additional SIM. Note that this is a data-only SIM, so you’ll not be able to make calls or SMS with it.

Manage with MyDigi

To keep all your supplementary lines and data allocation in check, you can use the free-to-download and use MyDigi app.

An important thing to note is that once you’ve activated Internet Sharing on the principal line, you’ll lose the ability to rollover data to the next month. Supplementary lines with their own data quota, however, can rollover unused data.

For more information on Internet Sharing as well as postpaid plans, visit Digi.


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Hmmm… I need supplementary lines without sharing any of my data to them..
so susah lorh nowadays my sister always merungut about her free basic internet.. Ada kredit, ada basic internet.. soo sadddd…

yeap i looking for the sub line without cutting speed and data of master line but i am wondering is there any telco giving out this kind of offer ?

I Prefer Cel more lol.. at least they r keep improve and trying to make customer satisfy to their plan and product.if you ask me choose a plan from here better i choose the Gold 1+ 5 from Cel. that is too much better than this!! the sub-line full of benefits and cheap

Its too waste of money when u have to share internet data with ur family.. because 7GB also not enuf for me.. because I’m a heavy user.. too bad lorhhh..

if u’re heavy user than take another telco lah! so bising here.. this article for those who are digi’s loyal customer!

Hey bro. you r just wrong! we are having discussion and sharing the info. no doubt you can be a loyal customer but pls don be mad . fair to all and also be no rude coz others telco have such plan that better than D.

but then i heard of Celcom’s sub line dont have to share data with master line , maybe you can find out of it ?

Bro , you can try check it out the Gold plan 1+ 5 .you will happy to choose it .
complimentary 2000 minutes free calls and 2000 free sms to principal user and FIRST™ 1+5
the most important is unlimited social apps

that’s cool ! i mean Celcom really provide unlimited social apps ? without cutting down the speed of master line ? that’s main concern man

Thanks bro…through your suggestion, i have visit the nearest bluecube.the package truth awesome…planning to change it next week . after my M contract is expireddddd

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