ChikaPowWow: Source of Thrills and Deals



Just barely a couple of weeks old, ChikaPowWow (CPW) has been a source of fun and unbelievably cheap deals for people who love to indulge in online shopping. CPW, of course, is a little different from conventional online shopping sites. It’s an innovative auction site that introduces some fun, exciting features for users. I’ve been participating in CPW auctions since it kicked off last month.

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CPW 6Chikas are the virtual currency or tokens used to ‘Pow’ or bid on all CPW auctions. When you sign up for a free account, you are entitled to 5 free Chikas. There different kinds of auctions (including Beginners auctions) and each user is allowed to win a maximum of 5 unique auctions in 28 days.

Full list of Auctions/Pows

  • Free Pow
  • Beginners Pow
  • Manual Pow
  • Robot Pow
  • 1 sen Pow
  • 5 sen Pow
  • 10 sen Pow
  • Zero Pow
  • Blind Pow
  • Buy Now Pow
  • Mystery Pow
  • Limited Pow
  • Boy Pow
  • Girl Pow

Robot Pow allows a “Chikadian” or user (how do they come up with these names?) to set a limit or a price range to Pow automatically, even when the user is not logged on to the system. The user sets a lower and upper Pow range.


I’ve been Pow-ing both manually and using Robot Pow and have Pow-ed on a Playstation 3, Garmin nuvi GPS, Apple Wireless Keyboard, Jawbone bluetooth headset and even for more Chikas! It is good to understand how Robot Pow works as it helps make things easier and more interesting, if you use it strategically.

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I haven’t won an auction yet, but am observing closely!


What I like to do is setup Robot Pow close to the end of the countdown, and sometimes manually Pow to complement. Not all auctions allow Robot Pow.

The next time I post about CPW, I hope to announce that I’ve won an auction!


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