Celcom introduces home wireless broadband

sA low as MYR70 per month, zero upfront payment, 30-day return policy
Celcom Home Wireless
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Following unifi’s announcement in early April, Celcom today launched its own home wireless broadband service. Called Celcom Home Wireless, it is available at locations with 4G LTE coverage, with plans starting from just MYR70 per month.

As luck would have it, not everyone has access to a provider’s fibre network. This is where a wireless solution like Celcom Home Wireless comes in. Tapping into its wide 4G LTE network nationwide, the service allows consumers to get connected to the internet with no wall hacking and a hassle-free installation.

To get you up and running, just plug in the provided Huawei B618 router and get connected to the Wi-Fi network. The router can connect up to 64 devices.

Celcom offers three different plans: Home Wireless Gold, Home Wireless Gold Plus and Home Wireless Platinum.

The entry-level Home Wireless Gold costs MYR70 (excl. GST) per month and comes with 25GB of data quota, and 40GB of dedicated Video Walla and Music Walla data.

The mid-tier Home Wireless Gold Plus will set you back MYR100 per month and will give you 50GB of internet data, 100GB of Video Walla and Music Walla Data.

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The top run Home Wireless Platinum plan is priced at MYR150 per month and offers 150GB of internet data, 1TB of Video Walla and Music Walla Data.

If you need more data, you can buy add-on data for MYR50 (10GB) or MYR150 (100GB). For Video/Music Walla, you can buy additional 40GB for MYR20.

Video Walla comprises popular video streaming platforms like Netflix, iflix, dimsum, dailymotion and more. Music Walla covers JOOX, KKBox and more.

Plans are based on a 24-month contract. The modem is bundled and cannot be purchased separately. To make it super easy to sign up, Celcom if offering a MYR0 upfront free and a 30-day return policy.

Note that modem is SIM-locked and location locked, so if you’re thinking of bringing it with you to another location, you’re out of luck.

Celcom says you can expect average download speeds of 30Mbps, although it may be higher depending on coverage area.

Win one-year free broadband

In conjunction with the HOMEDEC exhibition at KLCC, Celcom is giving you a chance to win a year’s subscription when you sign up for a Home Wireless Gold or Home Platinum Plan. There’s a total of 10 winners throughout the four-day event.

Celcom is also offering a monthly MYR15 rebate (for 24 months) for existing Celcom FIRST Gold Plus, Gold Supreme, Platinum and Platinum Plus subscribers when they sign up for Celcom Home Wireless Platinum Plan during the exhibition.

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Visit Celcom for more info.

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