Caltex Guinness World Records

Doi Chang Mountain, located in the Chiang Rai province in Thailand became host to a record-breaking feat recently. Fuelled by Caltex with Techron, a 28-year old Honda Civic EG6 hatchback scorched through the 1,000m hill climb in record time to claim the coveted Guinness World Records title for the “Fastest Ascent of Doi Chang Mountain Road by Car.”

The feat was recorded and broadcasted through “Record Rides”–a two-part series on National Geographic that aired on 23 June and 30 June 2019. The record attempt was part of Caltex’s Fuel Power Challenge.

The series pitted Jamaican-raised American professional race car driver, Natasha “Chiney Dolly” Chang against DJ, television host and car enthusiast KC Montero.

Caltex Guinness World Records

Natasha’s weapon of choice was a front-wheel-drive trusty Honda Civic EG6, which she described as petite and lightweight, stripped down to the barest for optimal power-to-weight ratio and agility to negate the treacherous 1km trail. The stock 130bhp 1.6-litre power plant was stroked to give it more poke.

KC on the other hand, opted for a rear-wheel-drive 200bhp turbocharged 1984 Toyota Corolla DX, a favourite amongst grassroots drifters.

Both drivers had never done a hill climb before, although Natasha’s experience in rallying might have given her a slight edge, despite her car’s power deficiency.

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The attempt wasn’t without challenges, though. Both allocated two runs each, Natasha’s first attempt ended up in a crash in the second sector of the trail, severely damaging the left front of her Civic. KC had a cleaner first run but had to retire from the second run due to a damaged transmission.

Thanks to the able hands of Phat aka “Golf” and his motorsport crew Phat Garage though, Natasha’s car was put together in time for Natasha to eventually make her record-breaking run in 6 minutes 52.692 seconds.

Pretty impressive for road cars fuelled by regular RON95 Caltex with Techron fuel.

Caltex with Techron is specially formulated to clean and protect engines. The same fuel that powered the world record-breaking feat, also delivers the same performance and protection for your every day cars.

For optimum performance, an engine requires unrestricted air and fuel delivery which cannot happen if there are carbon deposits on the intake valves and port fuel injectors. Techron’s unique formula removes and protects the engine from deposits in these critical areas. Additionally, Caltex with Techron contains Clean & Glide technology, which further helps to reduce friction, and maximising power.

Caltex Guinness World Records

No stranger to motorsports and driving fast cars is Dato’ Hans Isaac, actor, presenter, film director/producer. Hans, a big automotive fan, has been Caltex’s celebrity partner since January 2019 and certainly knows a thing or two about the benefits of choosing the right fuel. “When I heard about Caltex’s success at achieving the Guinness World Records title, I couldn’t help but feel proud to be associated with a global brand like Caltex, because they know nothing extraordinary is ever easy.”

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Hans recently emerged champion in the third season of Celebrity Car Wars, an automotive show that brings together six celebrities from the region to test their skills, endurance, and smarts against each other.

He announced that his friend Man and him have taken up the challenge to drive up Cameron Highlands in the national car–the original 1985 Proton Saga with only one tank of fuel.

Caltex Guinness World Records

Caltex with Techron fuel, Caltex Diesel with Techron D, Havoline and Delo oils are available at more than 420 service stations located across Peninsular Malaysia.

For more information about the Guinness World Records attempt, visit or log on to Also follow Caltex Malaysia’s official Facebook page at

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