B40 petrol subsidy: How to check if you qualify

As announced at the recent Budget 2020, Malaysians under the B40 (below 40%) group will enjoy petrol subsidies for RON95 petrol. These subsidies will impact some 2.9 million Malaysians who mostly fall under the current Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) scheme. 

As reported by SoyaCincau, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs has launched a Petrol Subsidy Programme (PSP) portal that allows you to check if you qualify to receive petrol subsidies. 

Head over to the PSP portal to check:

How does the portal work?

The website uses BSH scheme data obtained from the Finance Ministry which is cross-referenced with vehicle ownership data from the Road Transport Department (JPJ). 

The ministry encourages people under the B40 category to check their status via the portal, as there may be vehicle owners who qualify for BSH but have not registered for the scheme. 

Likewise, BSH recipients who have recently purchased a vehicle are also urged to update their details via the portal.

Who qualifies for PSP?

To qualify, you’ll need to be a BSH recipient with a home address in Peninsular Malaysia only. You’ll need to be an owner of a privately registered vehicle, and possess a valid driving license. 

If you think you qualify but the portal states that you don’t, you can make an appeal via the portal. 

What vehicles are eligible for PSP?

– Car with 1,600cc engine and below
– Car with engine above 1,600cc and more than 10 years old
– Motorcycle with 150cc engine and below
– Motorcycle with engine above 150cc and more than 7 years old

What if a vehicle qualifies but the owner is not a BSH recipient?

As announced during the tabling of Budget 2020, other drivers who qualify for PSP but are not BSH recipients will receive Kad95 which will enable them to enjoy subsidised RON95 fuel at 30 sen per litre for cars and 40 sen per litre for motorcycles. This is limited to 100 litres per month. Kad95 will be implemented in stages starting Q1 2020. 

How much are petrol subsidies?

Qualified recipients will receive MYR30 per month for cars and MYR12 per month for motorcycles. If you happen to own more than one vehicle, you will receive the highest subsidy for only one vehicle.

The subsidy is based on a monthly usage of 1,500km or 50km per day which is equivalent to 100 litres and 40 litres per month for cars and motorcycles, respectively. That works out to a rate of 30 sen per litre.

How and when are subsidies delivered to recipients?

The PSP kicks off on 1 January 2020 and the allocated payment amounts will be credited into your registered bank account on a quarterly basis: April 2020 (Phase 1), August 2020 (Phase 2), and December 2020 (Phase 3).

For qualified recipients who do not have a bank account, they’re encouraged to open one and update account details accordingly on the PSP portal from 15 October until 30 November 2019. 

Do People with Disabilities (PWD/OKU) and retirees qualify for PSP?

PWDs qualify if they register with the Department of Community Welfare (JKM) and possess a vehicle that meets stipulated criteria. Not applicable for luxury vehicles.

Likewise, retirees who are BSH recipients and possess a vehicle that meets criteria will qualify for PSP subsidies.

Why are people in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan excluded from PSP?

In view that the majority of people in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan use vehicles with big engine capacities and diesel-powered vehicles, the government has excluded these states from PSP as well as the floatation of the retail price of RON95. Moreover, East Malaysia enjoys subsidised RON95 at a pegged price of MYR2.08 per litre.

For more information, visit the official PSP portal and for more frequently asked questions, refer to this FAQ document. 

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