BlackBerry Ramadan Apps Giveaway – Surah Yaseen and Flippy Bird 3D free

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If you’re unaware, the BlackBerry Ramadan Apps Giveaway has entered its third week, bringing more useful and exciting apps to BlackBerry 10 OS users in the annual observance of Ramadan, one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

The useful Surah Yaseen app was specially selected to provide users who are less familiar with the Arabic language, with English versions of the preachings. The app has all the teachings of Dozakh, Jannat and Allah available. (Free for download on 18 July).

On the flip side, there’s the highly-rated Flippy Bird 3D, a re-worked version of the original, combining retro pixel-based gaming and 3D physics. The app supports Gamepad, Scorelook and sharing of scores through Twitter. (Free for download on 15 July).

The BlackBerry Ramadan Apps Giveaway started on 29 June and will continue up to 27 July 2014. BlackBerry 10 users in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore get to enjoy a free app download everyday in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

A Blessed Ramadan to all!

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