BlackBerry Ghost is a bezel-free, premium Android phone made in India

BlackBerry Ghost
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IA - Lazada

There’s a high-end BlackBerry coming, but here’s the big surprise: it’s only for India market. Surprise number two: it isn’t made by BlackBerry.

Not made by BlackBerry? Not by TCL? Then who, you may ask. Here’s the deal. Indian telecommunications giant Optiemus is a licensee for BlackBerry, giving the company rights to develop and sell BlackBerry products in the country.

The company also has rights to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

As you may know, BlackBerry doesn’t actually make its own phones anymore. That responsibility lies with TCL Communication, who design, produce and markets BlackBerry Mobile across the globe.

Last year’s BlackBerry KEYone was the last BlackBerry-TCL hardware device collaboration, with BlackBerry itself now purely focused on mobile security.

There’s little detail of the device aside from it being called “Ghost” (which could turn out to be a project name) and it’s bezel-less. Based on the leaked image, its sleek looks do look enticing.

Source: The Verge, @evleaks

IA- Shopee Mart
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