Black Shark FunCooler Pro keeps your smartphone super cool

Available now from Shopee at MYR199
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Xiaomi’s spin-off gaming brand Black Shark has announced the game-changing cooling accessory for smartphones—FunCooler Pro. This follows the introduction of its 5G gaming smartphone series—the Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro.

We all know heat is bad for performance, whether it’s a car, PC, notebook PC or a smartphone. Heat leads to performance penalties and on a smartphone can lead to laggy performance, unstable Wi-Fi, shortened battery life, and also an uncomfortable handheld experience.

The nifty accessory ensures your smartphone stays cool even while playing the most intensive games. It uses advanced TEC (Thermoelectric Cooling) technology that enables tremendous drop in temperature.

Available now from Shopee at MYR199
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Black Shark’s advanced TEC technology uses the Peltier Effect, equipped with a semiconductor refrigeration chip, the core of its supercooling capabilities. The chassis houses a seven-blade fan spinning at a speed of up to 6,200rpm, or if it relates better, 2.5 times the speed of a helicopter propeller. This while keeping noise at a hush 34dB while in action.

Black Shark FunCooler Pro
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The FunCooler Pro will fit any smartphone with a width of between 67-88mm. All you need to do is clip on the accessory on the back panel, plug in the USB charger and turn the button on.

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The accessory is complemented by an Android or iOS app that lets you switch between Freeze or Blizzard modes. It can also customise the RGB lighting effect of the accessory and will display real-time temperature status on your smartphone.

Based on internal testing, the FunCooler Pro can cool the central back panel of your smartphone by 25 degrees and the rim of the phone by 10 degrees. This can be achieved within 15 minutes of use.

Pricing and availability

The Black Shark FunCooler Pro is available now from Shopee, retailing at MYR199.

As a part of the 4.4 Shopee Brands Festival that’s happening from now until 4 April, Black Shark is offering deals with savings of up to MYR155. This includes attractive vouchers to be released on 27 March and 4 April.

Head over to the Black Shark Official Store for more.

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