Best Tech April Fool’s Related News

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Best Tech April Fool’s Related News

While I’m not a pranker per se, I have pranked a few in my life time. When I worked for an Apple reseller some years ago, I modified the startup screen of one of my colleague’s Macs. It ran upside down with the loading bar saying “You’ve been hacked. Deleting system files.” LOL. Years later, I pranked a colleague while she was away for lunch. Took a snapshot of her desktop and flipped it upside down. She was baffled when she got back and immediately called me (as I was the de facto tech dude in the office). I couldn’t stop laughing. In separate incidents I got Remote Management installed on all Macs in the office. Cursors mysteriously moved and secret messages were typed on IMs. CD trays opened and closed. Hilarious!

The world of tech isn’t always serious either and have their fair share of pranking. Here are some of the best:

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Google’s got a great one – Gmail Motion: Watch it!


Have a good one. What’s your best tech prank?

Oh btw, it’s my birthday today!
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