Bentley Grand Convertible by Mulliner: Yours for MYR14 million

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Bentley has just unveiled a stunning new replacement to the aging Azure which was discontinued back in 2010.

The Bentley Grand Convertible is quintessentially a Bentley. But there’s a catch. While it may look like a Bentley, it is in fact built by the company’s right arm, Mulliner.

The latter specialises in coach-building for the big-B brand and has hand-built the entire Grand Convertible. At first glance, some may think that it’s a Mulsanne limousine albeit with two doors chopped off as well as the roof.

The new car was unveiled quietly at the one of the top Dubai marquees, and it comeswith a rather extravagant price tag.

If you’re in the market for a new two-door luxury convertible, then one of these can be yours for USD3.5 million (MYR14,547,750).

Mulliner Flying B
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Mulliner Flying B

Also, according to the supercar YouTuber Shmee150, the convertible has a limited production run of only 19 units. Why the number 19? The number represents the year in which Bentley was founded. So if you want to get one of these babies, you’d better do it soon.

Moving down to performance. The Grand Convertible is based on the similarly designed Mulsanne-Speed. That means a 6.75L twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The power churned by the huge V8 lump is a solid 530bhp and 1,100Nm of torque. All of that power can propel you from naught to 100kmph in just 4.9 seconds before maxing it out at 305kmph.

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The omission of rear doors is substituted by a collapsible soft-roof and the entire length of the car has also been shortened by 10cm.

Also, the area which surrounds the entire roof opening is covered by a huge slab of wood and is also highlighted by chrome trims dotted around the wood panel. Inside the car, the design and feel is pretty much the same as the regular Mulsanne but with the addition of a soft-top roof. Think of it as a luxury four-seater with an opened sky for the best of grand touring.

The car is on show at the Dubai showroom is finished in a two-tone Moroccan Blue and Frost Silver on the outside, while the interior of the car is finished in a linen-coloured leather interior.

On top of that, there is also the aforementioned wood veneer which houses the soft-top roof of the car. Shmee also stated that it is the single largest piece of wood used in the automotive industry.

Source: Shmee150 Bentley Motors

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