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Snapchat Gen Z

Parenting digital natives

Parenting the next generation always raises a new set of challenges as well as ...

Phonesoap UV phone sanitiser

Should you buy a UV phone sanitiser?

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the world, people are more conscious about personal ...

Grab COVID-19 update

COVID-19 UPDATE 3: Protecting our partners’ well-being

Grab establishes two funds to support driver & delivery partners. Grab works with Government ...

Grab COVID-19

COVID-19 UPDATE 2: Safeguarding Malaysia’s livelihoods

It’s Day #6 of MCO. Most of us are worried about our own health, ...

Safer Internet Day 2020

Being safe online is a year-round activity

Microsoft has been an active participant in Safer Internet Day each year since it ...

AWS Toyota Research Institute connected car

Connected cars, cloud and cybersecurity

Everyone is in the race to perfect the autonomous car, developing a self-driving vehicle ...