Astro-Maxis IPTV gets speed boost, lower prices

Free speed bumps, plans start from MYR89 per month
Astro-Maxis IPTV

If you’re an Astro-Maxis IPTV customer, here’s some great news. Things are about to get faster and cheaper for you. Astro has just announced that they’re revising subscription fees to as low as MYR89 per month for 30Mbps, in line with Maxis’ own latest home fibre broadband plans.

Astro-Maxis IPTV customers currently pay MYR148 per month for 10Mbps, MYR198 per month for 20Mbps, and MYR248 per month for 30Mbps. It does sound expensive by today’s standards doesn’t it?

That’s all about to change.

Starting next month, Astro will upgrade all 10Mbps customers to 30Mbps and also dropping subscription fees down to MYR89 per month. For those already on the 30Mbps plan, Astro is dropping prices to the new MYR89 per month rate starting in December 2018.

Current 30Mbps customers will have their connections bumped up to 100Mbps in phases starting January 2019. You’ll receive a new dual-band Wi-Fi router to support higher speeds and enjoy unlimited data quota. Similar to Maxis’ own offerings, you’ll be subject to a new contract if you opt for the new hardware upgrade. Astro has yet to reveal new pricing for its 100Mbps plan.

Astro-Maxis IPTV customers can enjoy a plethora of local and international entertainment including blockbuster movies, TV series the same day as the US, Korea and China, edutainment, live sports and breaking news, as well as video on demand.

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The new 30Mbps IPTV plan is available starting today. For more information, visit

Header image: Unofficial: Astro IPTV


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