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Digi iPhone SE
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The yellow telco finally gets on board to offer the Apple iPhone SE, joining the rest of the Malaysian telcos – Celcom, Maxis and U Mobile. You can bring home the powerful 4-incher for free, if you take the Digi Postpaid 238 plan.

As you know, the iPhone SE retails at MYR1,949 (incl. GST) and MYR2,449 for the 16GB and 64GB models respectively.

Digi’s postpaid plans start from MYR48/month and this base plan is the only plan that offers a short 12-month contract. Other plans tie you to a 24-month contract tenure.

With the Digi Postpaid 48 plan, you can take home the 16GB iPhone SE for MYR1,665, while the 64GB costs MYR2,090.

Moving up the ladder, the most expensive plan – Digi Postpaid 238 lets you walk home with the 16GB iPhone SE for free; or MYR482 for the 64GB version.

Digi iPhone SE
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Digi also offers easy payment instalments, so you can grab the 16GB iPhone SE from as low as MYR70/month, or the bigger capacity 64GB version at MYR88/month. Instalments are interest-free via credit card payment, and the total includes the subsidized device price plus upfront payment.

The Apple iPhone SE officially goes on sale tomorrow, 13 May 2016. For more information about the device from Digi, visit the iPhone SE promo page.

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  • wilson ong

    Actually the need for u to buy phone with postpaid plan is depending on ur budget. Frankly say that iphone se is a good phone as it doest not require high budget and has good functions as well

    • ahrikx

      just buy iphone se with cash,why want to sign up for postpaid plan and get iphone se?gt many advantages or offers they give us?

    • pappine

      see what postpaid plan u sign up for..
      like me,i sign up for celcom postpaid plan last year because i want buy new phone and need to call clients so required plan that offer unlimited calls and sms..

  • jiaqianwong

    It seems like iphone SE would be better than other iphone, However, the size is kinda small for viewing purpose. It would be better if they upgrade their screen size,

    • Sharmil Afiq

      U can get i6 plus or i7 plus, if you want bigger screen.
      SE is purposely specially made in smaller screen for those who prefer smaller size in keeping and holding.

    • Yenny chong

      for me iphone se would just nice as i can keep it into my pocket easily. It fit my hand size too. It depends on the needs of people. For me i didnt use it to watch mv, so its just fine for me .

  • alicia tyy

    Is iphone se is better? do they have any difference with iphone 6s/6 other than the size? It would better if iphone se can have the similar size as 6 as the price is quite affordable.

    • Fabian

      If u wan the size of Iphone 6 just buy iphone 6 lah…
      They’re same produced by Apple….
      Spec no very big difference….
      What r u worry about?
      The larger the phone sure it value higer,

    • yumiso

      SE is very good, it runs on a A9 chipset/processor (if not mistaken) similar as Iphone 6S….
      Seems good 🙂

  • Jayden

    i like the rose gold iphone se so much..which telco should i sign up for?i have no idea…

    • mimiiiii

      This is all about Digi’s plan on Iphone SE,
      What do you think of it?

    • Sharmil Afiq

      The digi 238 is no longer available.
      If you want to go with telco bundle can look for Celcom as they offer se for cheaper price, but have to sign up the highest commitment plan. Think they are running clear stock campaign. They did that every year…

    • cheemin

      I don’t mind it is clear stock. as long as it cheap.
      Well can be consider, if those who can utilize that much data.
      Since the device fee is cheap.

    • cheemin

      which telco you prefer more then just sign up for that..
      if you want huge data,first platinum now can combine weekend and weekdays data ald..

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