Apple iPhone 5 Vs Blackberry: What Are the Odds?


It would seem on the surface, that as of now, juxtaposing Apple iPhone 5 to the current RIM Blackberry series and handsets available in market may not really be fair. It’s literally comparing, well, apples to oranges. An overview of the comparative hardware stats would certainly stir up quite a lot heartache amongst Blackberry fans.

The top-of-the-line Blackberry Bold 9930 sports a 640×480 screen even though the pixel density is aided to some extent by its under 3-inch size. Talk about RAM, storage, processor speed, camera and etc., and the facts and figures may prove all too disappointing for BB fans.

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The keyboard, the actual physical memorable one
The Blackberrys’ keyboard has divided the flock of smartphone users and techies into various divergent opinions. Some, the rather conventional ones, feel that BBs sport the perfect physical keyboard and RIM seems to be of a similar view – they seem to have developed a marital bond with physical keyboards.

For Blackberry fanatics who are hooked to physical keyboards, it certainly makes sense to get a Blackberry. For others however, even Blackberry fans who may still want to stick to their inclinations but tempted by the glittery all-touch smartphones should know that they could easily swing the other side by choosing any of the latest phones offered by rival companies.

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Nonetheless, the choice may not be just as easy as it seems, there are significant things that Blackberrys are good at, even subtly.

BB OS 10 and iPhone 5
According to the public’s weltanschauung, the delays in the release of Blackberry OS 10 are reflecting badly on RIM’s gene pool. There is no doubt that there is quite a lot at stake with the much-awaited release from RIM’s camp. Rumours indicate that the upcoming operating system will be topnotch by today’s tech standard.

So, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Rip Van Winkle company RIM wakes up in a better shape by successfully converging its enterprise credibility with an upgraded user-friendly platform and modern hardware. If the company is able to pull that off and come up with a sexy new line up of Blackberry 10 smartphones, it could very well regain its former glory and compete well with the iPhone 5. Despite updated specs and early success, some deem the iPhone 5 a disappointment due to lack of it being ‘different enough.’

To make a major turnaround for RIM, at least in the immediate future seems farfetched, although not impossible. Certainly, there’s still quite some time for Blackberry 10 devices to start hitting the market, as iPhone 5 sales continue to rise.

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Whichever smartphone you choose to buy, however, do make an informed choice and meddle with it all you like. While on the web though, keep in mind of ugly malware like iPhone Spyware, Blackberry spy apps and the like.

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  • o4jm

    > It’s literally comparing, well, apples to oranges.

    Only if they are literally apples and oranges.

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