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Google CEO Sundar Pichai, has fixed the burger emoji which has sent a lot of users into a frenzy when Android 8.0 was first released. The spoiler was the fact that the sliced cheese was placed at the bottom half of the burger, under the patty when it should’ve been above the patty and just below the tomato slice.

According to Sundar, the new edited emoji will start rolling out with the upcoming Android 8.1 software update.

Other amendments to emojis include the cheese, beer and beers emoji. Both beer emojis now feature no froth at the top of the half-poured pint of beer. The cheese emoji now has been fixed from a bug which shows holes on the edge of the wedge appeared to be painted on, showing a line running through them. Now that these edits have been made, they should be making its way to Google devices in the next update. However, it is still in beta mode now and not all upgrades will make it to the new update.

The latest Android 8.1 upgrade should be rolling out later this year to all Google devices. So, for those of you Google users, you can start prepping your devices for the new update. On another note, Apple’s burger emoji also has a minor kink which could enrage users. The lettuce in the emoji is located at the bottom of the burger. Could this be worse than the Google cheese emoji? Or is the worst coming from Samsung with the lettuce sandwiched between the cheese and patty?

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Source: Emojipedia

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