#ALSIceBucketChallenge: We accepted the challenge, and did it

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
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Soaked, cold but happy we did our little part to spread the word about ALS or Lou Gehrig Disease.

About 24 hours ago, we accepted the ALSA Ice Bucket Challenge from mutual friend and tech-head Warren Lee aka @KLGadgetGuy. To add a twist to the challenge, we opened it to donation pledges for us to be splashed, at RM100 per bucket. We set a goal of RM1,000 and we’re happy to say we exceeded the goal, mostly thanks to Leigh Wong’s generous friends! Catch the videos after the jump.

The playlist:

Leigh’s solo video:

Follow Leigh at @giokleigh

Andrew’s solo video:

Follow Andrew at @andrewyjh

My solo video:

Thanks for being such sports, and thanks for your generosity. There’s much more to be done, but already the #ALSIceBucketCampaign has helped raise over US$62.5 million which will be used for ALS research. There may not be a cure now, but with your help, there’s hope.

Thank you again, and God bless.

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