A savvier Savvy


Amidst the excitement surrounding Perodua’s mini-MPV MyVI (and the general public scrambling to make bookings), national monolith carmaker Proton releases the Tiara Replacement Model (TRM) oddly named Savvy. Rumours had it that it was initially coined Sassy, much to the horror of some. Having returned to a more ahem masculine name, the Savvy is 2nd after the Gen.2, to not hold a Bahasa Malaysia moniker i.e Tiara, Wira, Satria.

The little Savvy that could!

The Savvy is powered by a Renault-sourced 1.2litre 12-valve SOHC engine. This isn’t a post about the Savvy though. More of anticipation for a bigger, better version. None other than the performance-bred R3 version, to come out hopefully some time this year. A supplied photo sourced from Cari reveals similar R3 touches of the debutante Satria R3 – red/white stripes, Advanti 5-spokes and Incognito Black paintjob.

As soon as I saw the picture, I called up R3 to inquire about the car. R3 touches on the Savvy R3 Concept Car are purely cosmetic at the moment – both exterior and interior. Work will commence on the more important, performance bits soon. From the looks of it, it looks hot!

Let’s see how it stacks up against the MyVI.

I am compelled to buy one, for my younger brother perhaps, when it is made available.


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Not really sure, but I should think around RM50K or so.

I have to say I like it very much. Nice road presence!


there are a lot of guys in Malaysia who use Mac! 😀

Check out

Cheers! Thanks for posting!


I got a chance to catch it in the flesh! Even better! More pics to come!
And I like the normal Savvy too. See it in the flesh. It’s much better once you’ve sat in the driver’s seat and checked it out in close range.

the Savvy R3 looks damn good…so much better than the original one I saw the other day…yum!

i want one! i want one!


Looks like a hot Jazz.

First saw it on

I think it looks good – The R3 Savvy I mean. The stock Savvy though, is at the other extreme.

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