5 Useful Add-ons for your Google Chrome

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Everyone knows Google. Almost everyone uses Google Chrome, but did you know that are loads of extensions and add-ons out there that could enhance your user experience? Well, here’s a list of my favorite Google Chrome add-ons, for your enjoyment!

Before I you head straight into the extensions, here are some things you should do prior to installing extensions:

  1. DO download your extensions from the Google PlayStore

  2. DO check the permissions they request from your account. Be aware that there are 3rd party add-ons out there that breach your browser’s security. Most extensions require your approval prior to installation, so do check for anything suspicious before installation.

  3. DO read any terms and conditions it may have as they may differ from other extensions.

Now, before you get all scared, these are necessary precautions for ANY extensions for ANY browser. It’s just a quick reminder. ūüėÄ


1. Capture and Annotate


Capture an entire webpage, or what’s on your screen with this simple and useful extension. It allows you to annotate your screenshots with simple shapes and blur out sensitive information when necessary. It’s useful for sharing cool stuff with friends, troubleshooting problems with tech support or just saving some useful items you found on the web!

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You can either save the files locally, or share them immediately too.

  1. Diigo Web Collector

Like the previous extension, the Diigo Web Collector can annotate, share and bookmark webpages with a few added advantages. However, unlike the previous extension, Diigo can bookmark links if you intend to read them later, attach highlights & stickies to a webpage as a reminder, share these items through Twitter, Facebook or Google and is multi-platform too! (iPhone & iPad Version, Android Version)

  1. Photo Zoom for Facebook


Ever get tired of having to click images to view the original size on Facebook? Well, here’s a tool that help you out. Rather than clicking on an image, this extension pre-loads images and allows you to view them without clicking them. Just hover over the image you want to view and it will attempt to display its original size. The photos will attempt to match its original resolution, but never extend beyond your screen size, which is totally awesome. If you’re a Facebook nut, this is the extension for you!

  1. AdBlock Plus

If you’re like me, spending long hours on the internet, surfing and looking for interesting things, every so often, we’ll bump into a website that has popup ads. Frustration ensues! What’s more annoying than pop-up ads? Youtube ads. Well, this little guy blocks both and more! It’s a must have for web surfers everywhere and it doesn’t take up too much memory either.

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What’s more, it’s free!

  1. TinEye


Found an interesting image but wanted to see if there was a higher quality version out there? TinEye is a free extension that allows users to right-click an image in the browser to search for similar images on the web. It’s a nifty tool, also allowing you to compare, swap and see how the images are used on different sites. Works similar to Google’s image find, but easier to use.

That concludes my list! If you have any to recommend, do drop a comment below!

Summarized App Links:

1. Capture and Annotate

2. Diigo Web Collector

3. Photo Zoom for Facebook

4. AdBlock Plus

5. TinEye

“Chrome Logo” courtesy¬†of cnet.com
All other images are official images from respective Google PlayStore app pages.


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