Nokia Treasure Tag

5 things you need to know about Nokia’s Treasure Tag

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Lumia 630 with Treasure Tag

At the media launch of the sexy new Nokia Lumia 930 (“Lumia Icon”) today, a nifty little gadget called the Nokia Treasure Tag made a special appearance. The 30 x 30mm square device may be your ultimate companion, if you’re forgetful and tend to leave things behind.

Forgetfulness happens to the best of us

First let me tell you a story. Last year, I made a trip down to Singapore from Johor Bahru. As taking the inter-city express bus was the most obvious mode of transport, I did exactly that. For reasons that can only be solved by the world’s most intelligent people, I had left my luggage (yes, the one with all my clothes in it) on the bus as I alighted. I realized I had left it on the bus when I was at the MRT ticketing machine to buy a ticket for the train.

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Needless to say, my first hour in Singapore wasn’t a very pleasant one. Shit happens as they say. Fortunately for me, after a week, the luggage was picked up by Malaysian Customs and a friend helped me pick up the bag several weeks later.
Now, if only I had a tag on the luggage to warn me when I leave it behind.

Well, hello Nokia Treasure Tag. The tiny device notifies you when you’re about to leave precious things behind. You can also use the Tag to locate something you’ve lost with visual and audio guidance, or even location data on HERE Maps.
Here are five cool things you need to know about the Nokia Treasure Tag.

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#1 Fully connected
The Treasure Tag has Bluetooth 4.0 built-in, supporting Bluetooth profiles: Battery Service (BAS), Device Information Service (DIS), Find Me Profile (FMP), Proximity Profile (PXP). It also support NFC tagging, making it easy to pair and ‘tag’ your Lumia devices. The range of the Bluetooth connectivity is 40m.
The cool thing is the device works both ways with your phone. If you’ve misplaced your phone, you can click on the Tag and your phone will ring.

Nokia Treasure Tag

#2 Tiny but mighty
At 30 x 30 x 10mm and weighing just 13g, the Treasure Tag is tiny and light, making it highly portable and inconspicuous.

#3 It’s environmental friendly
Materials used on the Treasure Tag is free of PVC, free of BFR and rFR. It is 100% recoverable as materials and energy. Additionally, the packaging for the device is also 100% recyclable. #win

Nokia Treasure Tag

#4 Livewire
The Treasure Tag is powered by an alkaline 3V coin battery rated at 220mAh, which gives it a standby time of around 180 days. Battery low? Just swap the standard coin battery and go.

#5 Four play
You can pair up to four Treasure Tags with your Lumia device. Download the Treasure Tag app from the Windows Phone Store. Use the app to pair and customize the Treasure Tags to your requirements.

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The cure for forgetfulness

The Nokia Treasure Tag is compatible with Lumia devices running at least Lumia Cyan, and is optimised for devices with the Lumia Black update like the Lumia 930, Lumia 1520, Lumia 630 and Lumia 1020.

An absolutely handy tool for those who ‘forget.’ Not sold separately in Malaysia, as yet. However, get the Nokia Treasure Tag bundled when you pre-book a Nokia Lumia 930 from today. In the US, the Treasure Tag alone costs US$30. The 30 bucks cure for forgetfulness. I call that a win.

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