30-Year Old “Steve Jobs Time Capsule” Recovered

Image credit: National Geographic Channel

A 13-foot-long tube dubbed the “Steve Jobs Time Capsule” containing among other things, the mouse from Steve Jobs‘ Lisa computer has been found. Back in 1983, the tube was buried in an Aspen field, Colorado, and believed lost, but finally recovered by TV Show “Diggers.”

At the close of the International Design Conference in Aspen, organisers buried a time capsule, known officially as the Aspen Time Tube. Plenty of items were contributed including a Rubik’s cube. The late Apple co-founder donated the Lisa mouse he had used during his presentation at the conference and the tube was subsequently known as the “Steve Jobs Time Capsule.”

Planned to be dug up in 2000, the tube was considered ‘lost’ as the organisers didn’t know the exact spot where it was initially buried.

However, thanks to the National Geographic Channel Show “Diggers”, the elusive tube was finally found.

The organisers back in 1983 had the foresight to place the bunch of goodies in plastic bags and this helped preserved the items till this day.

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At the 1983 conference that was themed “The Future Isn’t What It Used to Be”, Jobs seemingly predicted a slew of future technologies including the iPad, wireless networking and even the Apple App Store. Jobs, then, had given out cassette tapes of his speech to anyone who wanted one. Those tapes were believed to have disappeared until one turned up last year. Blogger Marcel Brown wrote about the speech.

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Read the full article on the Steve Jobs Time Capsule from CNET.

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  • iAwani

    Steve is not genius, but he has vision that anybody else does not have.. wow .. thanks for writing about it ..

  • Marcel Brown

    Thanks for picking up this story!

    • Vernon Chan

      Really good work, Marcel. Gem of a find 🙂

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