Prehistoric poo

23 million year old prehistoric poo up for auction

Prehistoric poo

If you have spare cash in hand, you may be interested in owning a piece of prehistoric memorabilia. Only it’s a piece of shit. Literally.

Auction house I.M. Chait has listed an “enormous and rare coprolite”, believed to have been laid down during the Miocene-Oligocene epoch, 23 million years ago. The exotic piece of poo is “an eye-watering 40 inches in length overall,” as described by the auctioneer. We’ll skip the details of it being “wonderfully pale brown-yellow and terrifically detailed textured over the whole of its immense length.”

Under the hammer, the spectacular specimen is expected to fetch between US$8,000 and US$10,000.

Who would have expected dinosaur turds could be so valuable. “Buy and wait” investors may want to look into this for capital appreciation.

Erm, what’s for lunch?

Source: The Register

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