Maxis launches FINDIT, Malaysia’s largest digital directory service

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T. Kugan, Maxis’ Head of Digital Services (4th from left), Abraham Foss, Maxis’ Head of Enterprise (5th from right), together with merchants and partners of FINDIT, at the media experiential event held at Avenue K.

It’s a mobile world out there. Undeniably, access to information anytime, anywhere is essential as mobile technology has become ubiquitous in our daily lives. To cater to the growth of this mobile lifestyle, Maxis has launched FINDIT in partnership with FINDIT Malaysia, the largest digital directory service in Malaysia. The digital directory is free to download for mobile web, desktop as well as Android and iOS. Maxis customers can enjoy this service for free, without data charges.

FINDIT connects consumers to over 175,000 business listing in over 2,500 categories including special offers and promotions offered by merchants in the directory. The service is location aware and provides location maps and driving directions directly from mobile phones.

For businesses, FINDIT can be used to instantly tap into Maxis’ 13 million customers and the larger 24 million Malaysian consumers, capitalising on available mobile platforms. The service’s built-in location-based feature helps consumers find products and services closest to their location.


Abraham Foss, Maxis’ Head of Enterprise and T. Kugan, Maxis’ Head of Digital Services (right).

At the launch on Tuesday, T. Kugan, Maxis Head of Digital Services said, “Searching for information on mobile devices is the second most popular internet activity after emails, with 46% of users using their mobile devices as a primary search tool. FINDIT is a service that is therefore relevant to our modern day lifestyles, especially when we are constantly on the go. Importantly, this service puts the power in our customers’ hands and allows them to always stay connected.”

FINDIT has partnered with Maybank who will jointly promote the service to its merchants, as well as the Malaysian Retail Chains Association (MRCA).

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FINDIT Malaysia is powered and managed in partnership with GETITransnational (P) Ltd, a subsidiary of India’s leading local search services provider.

At the press conference, I asked T. Kugan about Maxis’ existing Finder301 service available on various mobile platforms and if this was any different to FINDIT. He replied that the Finder301 has evolved into what FINDIT is today, adapted to the changing needs of the customers of today.

According to T. Kugan, listings are both curated by Maxis as well as user-submitted. User submissions are filtered before added to the FINDIT database.

The FINDIT app is available as a free download for Android and iOS.  A FINDIT representative mentioned that a Windows Phone version is in the works and should be rolled out within the next quarter.

The service is also accessible via mobile site at or a full desktop website at FINDIT is also exclusively available for Maxis customers via UMB, by dialling *200# from their mobile.

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