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Protecting against evolving ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most widespread and damaging threats facing Internet users today as it scrambles files and renames them, prompting users to buy a decryption key at an exorbitant price. A recent research by SophosLabs indicates a growing trend among cybercriminals to target and even filter out specific countries when designing ransomware and other malicious […]...More

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JomHack 24-hour hackathon to focus on “Smart Cities with LoRa”

If you’ve a knack in coding, go ga-ga over circuit boards and chips, love UI/UX and generally, just love building things, then a hackathon’s certainly down your alley. Hackathons have brought great minds and builders together all around the world—creating revolutionary ideas and birthing many tech startups. While some hackathons are mere educational sessions or […]...More

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