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Satria R3 For Sale

I love this car but it’s really time to move on. Looking for an owner who appreciates a limited edition vehicle (with 150 units only in Malaysia, it IS definitely a rarity!), loves driving and enjoys motorsports as well as wants to be part of a very active R3 community – The R3gister. The lovely, sexy Brigette Liberty Yu, is […]

June 16, 2008 ×

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R3 Time Attack Challenge 1dot6 : No Podium

R3 Time Attack Challenge 1dot6 : No Podium

Picture courtesy of Dennis Woo The just concluded R3 Time Attack Challenge 1dot6 over the weekend was both exciting and fun. I returned home without a podium finish at the end of the day, missing 3rd place by just 0.5seconds, but that’s the way it is in sport. Will be back to battle another day most definitely. Find a detailed […]

March 13, 2006 ×

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All set, raring to go!

It’s the start of a new racing season. The R3 Time Attack is back with a vengeance. Formerly known as the R3 Street ShootOut Championships, the R3 Time Attack 1dot6 Championships features a new class, new rules and better prizes. The clutch is slipping like hell. I am bedding in new brake pads. Team Tze Racing, the racing team I […]

March 10, 2006 ×


The R3gister – The Unofficial Resource Site for Everything Satria R3 LEV

An all-new Satria R3 specific blog has been setup by me and prozac, with contributing writer Andrew a.k.a Jakuzzeeman. We’ve christened it The R3gister – The unofficial resource site for everything Satria R3 LEV. The site will showcase information on the Satria R3 and future R3 cars – including specs, performance mods, testimonials, first-hand reviews, news and other related testosterone-filled […]

August 27, 2005 ×



Was scrummaging the net looking for info on MIVEC gearboxes and stumbled on a wealth of information, thanks to the NZ-based MIVEC site, one with quite a bit of Malaysian presence. I found info on the MIVEC RS and some detailed specs. Impressive to say the least. Power rating is 175bhp at the flywheel.

August 26, 2005 ×


Me. Designer, prostitute.

My endeavours into motorsports and being an absolute car freak has left me broke. Before I sell my youthful body to the horny, desperate public, I am generously offering graphic design/web/multimedia and coffee-making services in exchange for a much-needed MIVEC LSD gearbox. Currently running a Powerzone LSD kit with the standard F5M22 1.8 gearbox, but find it inadequate when autocrossing.

August 25, 2005 ×

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Satria R3 Stage 2 : Reviewed

From the start, the performance-bred, track day special Satria R3 developed exclusively by Proton Motorsports a.k.a Race Rally Research or R3 for short, had always promised and delivered an engaging ride – a no-frills, no nonsense driving experience. With its reinforced, rally-style spot-welded chassis and finely tuned suspension, the SR3 oozed confidence in and out of corners, being absolutely at […]

August 24, 2005 ×

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Street ShootOut (SSO) 3dot5, Batu Kawan Here We Come!

The Street ShootOut series continues with 3dot5 all the way up north in Batu Kawan, Penang. The SSO, as usual will feature the popular Drift and Time Attack events. What a way to celebrate Merdeka – tyre smoke, petrol fumes and R3 Speed Chicks! The SSO 3dot5 will also be held together with a Putera Drag Battle on the same […]

August 19, 2005 ×


Down, but not out!

It was no consolation, I tell you, even after Powerzone managed to clock some impressive times for the century sprint with my SR3 on Saturday. Sirazul of Powerzone was rather delighted with the numbers – quickest being 7.25s, from the previous 8.56s some months back. Way back when it was still virginal, stock with cat intact. With the PowerZone LSD […]

June 27, 2005 ×


Captain, this planet is hostile!

In what seems to be a prequel to War of the Worlds, the R3 thread on Zerotohundred has been invaded by hostile aliens for over a week. Seemingly endless fighting between naysayers and non-believers of the R3 (Race Rally Research, Motorsports Division of Proton) movement and SR3 owners and its supporters have brought much intensity and colour to the recent […]

June 16, 2005 ×


How’s that for the century sprint?

It’s come a long way since the very first impression, hasn’t it? 7.44seconds for the century sprint isn’t half bad for a stock Satria R3 either Figures posted by Prozac in Car #0006. Recorded on a GTech Pro.

June 15, 2005 ×

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Satay Celup and Life In The Gravel Pit

I looked forward to Saturday with zest and little-boy enthusiasm. Although hardly catching enough sleep due to a crazy drive down to Melaka for ‘satay celup’ the previous night and returning at 3am, my eyes were wide open in anticipation of the adrenalin rush from burning rubber at the Sepang F1 circuit. The rather spontaneous decision to head down for […]

June 13, 2005 ×