[Unboxing] Samsung NX1 camera

Samsung NX1 unboxing
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Last month, Samsung fired a salvo to competitors in the ILC (interchangeable lens camera) or CSC (compact system camera) market with the all-new Samsung NX1 camera. The premium mirrorless camera packs a mighty punch in terms of hardware specs and build quality, placing it in the ranks of the current kings of the hill — Sony A7 and Fujifilm XT-1.

While it doesn’t sport a full frame sensor like the Sony A7, the NX1 features the highest resolution APS-C CMOS sensor in any CSC thus far — 28.2MP, with an added bonus of being the first ever BSI (backside illuminated) sensor in a camera. This highly impressive camera is also built solid with a weatherproof magnesium alloy body.

I received a sample unit shortly after its launch in Malaysia, and put it to the test (the 15fps continuous shot is amazing). Here are some unboxing photos as I scramble a real hands-on review.

Initial impressions

Wow, just wow. It looks like a DSLR, feels and performs like a DSLR and yet isn’t one. Make any sense? The NX1 is light and sturdy despite its DSLR-like form factor, comes with the impressive new 16-50mm f/2-2.8 S lens and is packed with pro-like features including a massive 28.2MP sensor with 205 phase-detection AF points, with 153 cross-type sensors. Its weatherproof body will appeal to those of you who love shooting outdoors (this is fab for sports and high-speed photography, btw).

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The AF System III is superfast, with focusing as fast as 0.055s. What’s also impressive is its new quad-clore processor that enables it to shoot at 15fps in both JPEG and RAW. ISO range is ISO100 to ISO25600.

I come out mighty impressed with this pro-sumer camera, and it’s a highly viable option against other high-end mirrorless cameras and also mid-range DLSRs.

Well done, Samsung.

Check out the unboxing video below:

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