Good God, Malaysia, what have you done to my Steam?

Malaysians who love video games may have experienced a shock today, as the Malaysian Communcations and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) blocked all access to the Steam store. Steam, as you know, is possibly every gamers’ favourite game and software delivery platform. The centre of the controversy is a title called “Fight of Gods,” published by Taiwanese gaming studio PQube. Continue Reading

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Get racing with RACEXP – Malaysia’s first wheel-to-wheel licensed simulator racing competition 2015

I’m taking a break from tech to bring you something from the automotive world. OK, not completely unrelated to tech altogether, to be fair. Grass Racing Autosports, aka GRA has partnered with Motor Bahn (‘MB’) to launch a new racing simulator experience called RACEXP. RACEXP is Malaysia’s first ever licensed simulator racing experience happening at Paradigm Mall from 3-8 November 2015. Continue Reading

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Ankama’s Wakfu MMORPG now available on Steam

wakfu giveaway

Ankama is quickly spreading its wings across the globe, and now the hit MMORPG Wakfu is now available on the Steam platform in English, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, German and Thai.

First released in 2012, Wakfu has developed a loyal global following.

Wakfu’s rich, anime-style universe is infused with localised humour – from charming interactions to tactical combat. Don’t let the hilarious conversations fool you though, the game’s political and economic systems is highly complex.

Wakfu’s hardworrking content team churns out content updates every 2 months on average.

The game is free-to-play and subscription free.

In conjunction with the game release on Steam, the game tutorial has been entirely reworked to provide a better game experience.

Also, the city of Astrub been completely redesigned to better accommodate novice adventurers. New colorful characters will lend a hand in this task: Pappy Pal, Donallangelo, and the Knight of Astrub, your first Sidekick to fight at your side!

For those who participated and won exclusive beta keys in our recent Wakfu giveaway, you would have received a decoration as a reward for your contribution. The decoration is inspired by one of Valve’s famous games.

Haven’t been Wakfu-ed yet? Now it’s more convenient – just head to Steam.

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The Humble Origin Bundle Coming to an End in Less Than 24 Hours!


The bundle. What on eff are you waiting for?

It’s an absolutely brilliant idea. It’s called The Humble Origin Bundle. Pay whatever amount you want, and get 10 awesome games like Dead Space 3Dead SpaceCrysis 2 Maximum EditionBurnout Paradise: The Ultimate BoxMedal of Honor; and Mirror’s Edge. Origin and Electronic Arts Inc will donate their share of proceeds from this incredible bundle to six charities – Human Rights CampaignWatsi; the San Francisco AIDS Foundation; the American Red Cross; the American Cancer Society; or GamesAid. And it’s coming to and end.

Continue Reading

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