LG Announces Powerful LG X-Boom Mini Hi-Fi System

IA- Shopee 6.6

LG Electronics (“LG”) has announced the local availability of its latest audio system – the LG CM9730 mini Hi-Fi system, known as the X-Boom. The unique audio system is targeted at music lovers and for music mixing lovers, it can even double up as a DJ console.

The X-Boom features easy controls and automatically mixes music using sound effects like flanger, phaser, chorus and delay; while also creative beats with backspin, crossfade and beatbox qualities. Music enthusiasts can also use scratch and voice sampling effects.

The device boasts six beat-boxes, fives voice samples, seven smart DJ effects and a handy pre-set function to set audio tone based on music genre.

The X-Boom offers high audio output power at 2300 W RMS and 25000W PMPO. With the built-in DJ sound effect called “Smart DJ”, users can simulate a party club atmosphere at home. Waking up the neighbours… redefined.

To push the club atmosphere even further, the X-Boom features brilliant red colour LED lighting that adds visual dimension while delivering beats.

LG has included the ability to share and sync music with smartphones, MP3 players or other Bluetooth capable devices.

The LG X-Boom XM9730 mini Hi-Fi system retails at RM2,999 and is available at all LG stores and autorised retailers nationwide.
For more updates on LG, visit www.facebook.com/LGEMalaysia or www.lg.com/my or call 1800-822-822.

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