IAA 2017: Best concept cars at the Frankfurt Auto Show

Renault Symbioz
Accestra - Lenovo

Now that you have seen the best cars on display at Frankfurt, we thought that you’d like to see the latest futuristic cars on display. Here’s a list of the best concept cars at IAA 2017.

1. Audi Aicon

Audi Aicon Concept

Audi has always been about technology and luxury. Their technologically advanced Audi A8 is a mere glimpse into the future of Audi’s capabilities as an auto maker. With the latest Aicon, Audi brings us even closer to a fully autonomous vehicle future.

Their next step into autonomous driving is the omission of the steering wheel and the need of any pedals. This results in a completely flushed and unbroken dashboard. It gives passengers a real sense of spaciousness as well as the ability to relax without having to worry about driving the car. The front seats, morever, can swivel up to 15 degrees facing the outside of the vehicle that allows the ease of ingress and egress. Also, the seats can swivel inwards, resulting in a more sociable layout, perfect for meetings on the run.

IA - Shopee

Unique on the Aicon is the omission of conventional headlights. This is substituted by the long list of autonomous technology and sensors that can act as the car’s “eyes.” These eyes can interact with pedestrians and other road users. Audi claims that the Aicon can travel up to 500 miles (800km) on a single charge. The car is powered by four electric motors, one powering each wheel resulting in a total output of 349bhp and 550Nm of torque.


If Audi’s vision ever does come into reality and production, would in-office meetings be a thing of the past? We’ll just have to wait and see.

2. Honda Urban EV

Honda Urban EV Concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The all-new Honda Urban EV may seem familiar to avid Honda fanatics. Its design is what looks to be the original Civic from the 1970s. It isn’t just a showy throwback concept, mind you. The Urban EV is a preview of the brand’s all-electric future. Even the blue back lit Honda logo will be a standard feature on all of the brand’s upcoming EVs. The full black grille isn’t just a big slab of bodywork, as it can project messages for oncoming cars and users as well as projecting greetings for passengers.

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No info was given about battery life, range or power figures. But it is estimated to achieve around 200 miles (322 km) when mated to the latest fast-charge technology.

Honda Urban EV Concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Inside, the minimalist interior is donned with an expansive central screen as well as space for four occupants. The use of cameras and digital displays mean that side mirrors are a thing of the past.

Honda’s CEO, Takahiro Hachigo stated that the Urban EV isn’t just any show car and that it will go into production by 2019. Anyone excited about this new Honda?

3. Renault Symbioz

Renault Symbioz

Before we get into this, let me explain Renault‘s reason of naming this concept the Symbioz. It is derived from the Ancient Greek word for “living together”. Basically, their concept is that your car is a modular extended room for your home. It provides the freedom of turning your car into a lounging area on the rooftop terrace or even an extended living room. Get the picture? Seems like an absolutely awesome concept. The Symbioz blends the mix of a carbon fibre body with a full glass roof, creating an airy experience for occupants.


For those of you who prioritise style over substance, Renault has it in the bag. The design of the Symbioz resembles an architect-designed home. So, being in one helps you stand out of the crowd. Renault is bringing the lounge styled cabin to life. With seats that allow you to sink into the car. Also unique is the automatic transition from being in a car to the effect of being in a lounge/conference room when the car is switched into fully autonomous mode.

Power figures are 670bhp and 660Nm of torque thanks to two electric motors that power the rear wheels. 0-100kmh is claimed to be less than 6 seconds. The range however is rated at 311 miles (500 km).


Expect the Symbioz to go into production by 2030. This looks like a big, exciting step for Renault.

4. Mercedes-AMG Project One


Mercedes in lieu with Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach otherwise known as AMG has been busy in creating the ultimate Formula 1 car for the streets. Their new hypercar concept is a close to production prototype, showcasing a glimpse of what to expect from the production model in 2019.

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The engine is the same 1.6L turbocharged hybrid V6 powerplant that is used in the German’s Formula 1 team ever since 2014. The output of this combination is a mind-blowing 986bhp and it’s capable of achieving 124mph (200kmh) in just 6 seconds! The Project One hypercar is also a plug-in hybrid and the powertrain uses the engine in tandem with four electric motors. One of the electric motors forms an electronic turbocharger which results in less turbo lag, while the other motor is connected to the crankcase to supply an additional 161bhp. Two more motors power the front-wheels, essentially making the Project One an AWD hypercar. Prices for the production model will be close to 2.4 million pounds so get your wallets out!

5. BMW i Vision Dynamics


The current BMW i lineup consists of the i3 and i8 which are an urban car and hybrid supercar respectively. In Frankfurt, BMW has unveiled the next entry to the i lineup, dubbed the i Vision Dynamics concept. It previews the upcoming i5, a 4-door Gran Coupe which will be coming in 2020. This is a great entry for those who love plug-in hybrid powertrains but don’t fancy the city car or a high-powered supercar. Power figures are uncertain as of now, but BMW claims that the concept can achieve 373 miles (600km) with a top speed of 120mph (193kmh). 0-100kmph is rated at 4 seconds.


The design of the i Vision Dynamics has some styling cues from the iNEXT concept. So, the large vertical kidney grille, LED strip headlights as well as horizontal and flared tail lights remain. Also included is a single piece full-length glass panel which extends from the windscreen to the rear window, giving occupants an airy and spacious feel inside.


When the i Vision Dynamics concept hits full i5 production form, it will be the perfect blend of supercar styling, the practicality of a 4-seater and the power of a powerful petrol-hybrid. If this goes on sale in Malaysia, would you consider this a great alternative from your current fossil fueled sedan cars?

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What’s your favourite concept car? Drop your comments below.

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