Hitachi MFX automotive battery brings worry-free ownership with two-year warranty

Hitachi MFX
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Did you know that Hitachi produces automotive batteries? The same renowned Hitachi brand that has its hands in IT, power systems, social infrastructure, electronics, construction and consumer products. Just last month, Hitachi Chemical Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (HCAP) announced the introduction of Hitachi automotive batteries in Malaysia. Its top-of-the-line MFX series isn’t just impeccably built, but also backed by an unprecedented two-year warranty.

The car battery is probably one of the most taken-for-granted components in a car, apart from tyres and brakes. It’s simply one of those things you buy and forget, and sometimes till it’s too late. Do you remember when the last time you changed yours? I can bet top dollar that most of us have been stranded with a dead battery at least once in our lives.

Well, to ease our troubles and give us some peace of mind are Hitachi batteries. The fully maintenance-free batteries are “built to last even longer,” developed with 100% Japanese technology and manufactured in Thailand and Japan. The technology integrated in Hitachi batteries has been proven through decades of in-house R&D and innovative manufacturing processes.

You may not know this, but Hitachi is a renowned global brand and is an experienced OEM supplier for brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan. That means superior quality and of a global standard.

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So what else makes Hitachi batteries better than the competition?

Firstly, a double-sealed lid design provides superior sealing for near zero water or electrolyte leakage. The under-lid reflex structure ensures ultra-low water loss via evaporation. Additionally, expanded grids are employed to greatly extend lifespan over conventional batteries. Expanded grids are able to disrupt progressive corrosion caused by acid.

Next, cut corner plates are used to prevent short circuits, as shorting often occurs when conventional plates expand.

The MFX battery’s maintenance-free properties are optimised by Pb-Ca alloy, specially designed for our hot, humid tropical weather. Actual water loss is reduced by nearly 25% over conventional dry charged batteries.

Complementing the mentioned features is the unique, two year warranty (or 40,000kms) which will ensure worry-free ownership and ultimate peace of mind. For added convenience, the Hitachi MFX battery also has a battery condition indicator on the lid, so you’ll never need to guess its condition.

Locally, Hitachi batteries are distributed by Borneo Technical Co (M) Sdn Bhd, a member of the Toyota Tsusho Group. The range of Hitachi batteries is available at over 5,000 dealers nationwide including Sabah and Sarawak.

With the Raya holidays looming, many people are expected to hit the roads either to ‘balik kampung’ or to take a deserving break. And thus, it’s the perfect time to check and change the car battery, to avoid any unexpected breakdowns.

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If it’s time for a battery change then look no further than the Hitachi MFX Series that retails from RM350 onwards. Time to power up!

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