Experian offers free credit management, credit health monitoring solutions for Malaysians

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing Movement Control Order (MCO) have deeply impacted companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and consumers specifically in the economic and financial sense.

While “work from home” and “new normal” have become the latest buzzwords, what’s clear is that Malaysian companies and SMEs need to rapidly shift and adapt in these challenging times. They need to migrate their business processes, decision-making, communication, and credit management to enable them to operate remotely, collaboratively, and cost-effectively.

Meanwhile, consumers must properly monitor their credit health and protect their personal credit identities.

To help consumers and businesses mitigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Experian, the world’s leading global information services company, is offering its credit health monitoring and credit management solutions on a complimentary basis.

CrediTrack+ for SMEs

Malaysian businesses and SMEs can get a two-month free subscription to CrediTrack+, a credit risk management and debt collection solution. The solution also offers digital customer relationship management, secure file sharing and storage, and business analysis.

This powerful, secure, seamless digital platform integrates customer information and supports decision-makers to effectively evaluate, protect, and manage their credit management processes.

Over the two-month period, they have access to 60 complimentary credit reports, protect their business through free monitoring of up to 500 existing customers, suppliers, and partners each month. Additionally, they are able to access the credit recovery and management platform to monitor and manage payments.

“It is now more imperative than ever that Malaysia companies and SMEs have the opportunity to transform their business to digital platforms to ride through this crisis and to ready themselves for when the economy is ready to restart in a new digital era. Digital transformation for good is how we view Experian’s role and we feel strongly that we are able help companies and SMEs bridge this trying period immediately in accelerating their digital transformation efforts. In this climate, we have the opportunity to partner with companies and SMEs to uplift their digital capabilities and we hope many will come forward to do so,” said Dawn Lai, chief executive officer of Experian Information Services (Malaysia).

This free trial is valid for registration between 15 April till 15 June 2020.

JagaMyID for consumers

For consumers, Experian is offering a three-month free credit health monitoring service through JagaMyID.

JagaMyID offers consumers access to their refreshed credit scores (iScore), the ability to update their personal credit profiles, review their CCRIS information, and obtain other information pertaining to legal suits, bankruptcy actions, and payment default by non-bank creditors.

In challenging times, it is especially vital for people to be aware of the changes in their credit profiles. Those who are experiencing financial hardship may also want to know how late or reduced payment may impact their CCRIS score by Bank Negara.

The redemption period for JagaMyID is from 15 April until 15 May 2020.

To claim free subscriptions, visit these links:

In 2019, Experian acquired a controlling stake in RAMCI (RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd), subsequently rebranding to Experian last December.

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