Breaking a Virgin : Gentle or Hard + Fast?


There seems a dearth of literature on proper ways to break-in or run-in a new engine, whether for a virgin car or motorbike. Car manufacturers recommend a gentle break-in, especially from 0km – 3,000kms. Motoman, a tuner based in the States, however, seems to think otherwise.

The controversial MotoMan wrote “Break-in Secrets” after applying his methods on over 300 new engines. He claims that by using his methods, engines would experience a dramatic increase in power over all RPMs, internals remaining cleaner and more efficient overall. His principles and examples apply to all 4-stroke engines – motorbikes, cars, airplanes, snow mobiles, lawn mowers!

So really, how true is this?

What’s the best way to break-in a new engine? MotoMan says: RUN IT HARD!

As pointed out by new acquaintance and knowledgeable car enthusiast Eric, MotoMan’s methods may be applicable only to newer, more modern engines, developed using newer methods and materials. Applying his unproven methods on our 15-year old Proton engines may not produce ahem favourable results. Besides, our friendly salesmen at Proton Edar and EON usually would have done that favour for you – revving your brand new car to kingdom come while delivering to you.

Hard or gentle? What’s your break-in secret?

AT - Trapo

By Vernon

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4 replies on “Breaking a Virgin : Gentle or Hard + Fast?”

Hi Vernon,

maybe we should cut & paste our previous discussion on this ‘virgin’ issue which is on a different topic heading and put it here for reference.

But for the record, i like to break my ‘babe’ nice and slow. Let ‘her’ get well oiled up, holes tight and snug, compression at 100%.

Once its all working like clockwork, let the mayhem begin and the satisfaction of knowing I was the first one to break my brand spanking new engine in. A virgin no more but the pleasure was all mine.

Yo… I paid top dollar mah. Why should some jerk at the service centre take that away from me??


Haha…there’s always different connotations and tendencies when you couple words like “Virgin”, “Gentle”, “Hard + Fast”, “Slippery When Wet” together. Makes life less straighforward, monotonous. Don’t you think? 😛

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