BMW X2: Registration of interest opened for Malaysian market

BMW X2 Registration of Interest
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BMW Malaysia has officially opened the registration of interest for the all-new BMW X2.

Surprised yet? BMW has opened the registration of interest for the all-new BMW X2 in Malaysia. Given that the new Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) was unveiled only last week, this is pretty much a surprise to all of us. BMW says that the new SAV is targeted at the millennials who adore youthful driving packaged in a rugged yet modern styled body.

As of now, there are three different versions of the new X2 which are on offer. The X2 Basic, M Sport and the newest trim line, the M Sport X.

Here’s a recap on the BMW X2. The new F39 X2 is the latest addition to the current X-model lineup. It now joins the larger X1 X3, X4, X5 and the X6 SAV’s. The new X2 is set to take on the Mercedes Benz GLA due to the similar proportions and size.

Now, before you start bashing it by calling it an X1, this isn’t the same car. Of course, some people may get confused with the looks of the X2 as its design is similar to the X1. As for power options, the X2 is offered with a choice of two diesels and one petrol, all of which are 2.0L lumps.

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The sole petrol variant gets a 2.0L turbocharged four cylinder engine and puts out 192bhp and 280Nm of torque. This is reserved to the X2 sDrive 20i model. As for the diesel variants, both models get a 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine which puts out 190bhp and 400Nm of torque for the X2 xDrive 20d.

The higher-powered X2 xDrive 25d gets the same engine but wth an additional 41bhp and 50Nm of torque. AWD models are reserved for the diesel variants only.


As for the gearbox, the X2 sDrive 20i gets a seven speed dual-clutch gearbox and sends power to the front wheels, where as the diesel powered variants gets an eight speed automatic gearbox.

As said earlier, only the diesel variants will come with AWD. BMW has also announced that more variants of the X2 are to be added next year which does include the X2 sDrive 18i which comes with a 1.5L turbocharged three cylinder engine from the Mini family.

As for looks, the X2 certainly doesn’t have the typical corporate look and feel like the other models in the BMW range. It exudes a sense of youthfulness and will definitely attract the millennial generation. Three trim lines are on offer. The Basic, M Sport and the newly added M Sport X line. The Basic model is pretty much a basic X2.

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It comes with the typical SUV ride height and black plastic cladding donned around the car. The M Sport adds on the lowered suspension, M Sport specific exterior and subtle elements painted in a shade of Dark Shadow (gray). The M Sport X line gets you Frozen Gray elements painted around the exterior of the car. Inside, the latter receives a micro-fibre and Alcantara upholstery as well as yellow contrast stitching.

The connected car

When it comes to tech, BMW certainly hasn’t skimped on that. Given that the X2 is targeted towards the millennial generation, the X2 comes with smartphone integration, Apple CarPlay, High Beam assist, City Braking, Active Cruise Control and Traffic Jam assist. BMW has stated that the X2 will go on sale in the UK next year in March. Once it does come to Malaysia, would you choose this over the Mercedes Benz GLA?

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