The Humble Origin Bundle Coming to an End in Less Than 24 Hours!

It’s an absolutely brilliant idea. It’s called The Humble Origin Bundle. Pay whatever amount you want, and get 10 awesome games like Dead Space 3; Dead Space; Crysis 2 Maximum Edition; Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box; Medal of Honor; and Mirror’s Edge. Origin and Electronic Arts Inc will donate their share of proceeds from this incredible bundle to six charities – Human Rights […]...More

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Valve Tests DoTA 2 on Tablets

Valve‘s Managing Director, Gabe Newell said that they are working on DoTA 2 to run on some tablets. Surprised? Don’t be. It’s not the matter of running the game smoothly, as this will eventually be achieved somewhere in the near future. The major concern is the controls since the game is highly competitive and requires […]...More

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[Review] Don’t Starve

If you’re a huge fan of survival games, why don’t you try this indie wilderness survival “horror” game, Don’t Starve. Like the name of the game, your goal is to survive, and what’s more important than food? So I bought this through Steam, as the 2-pack beta access pack is available for a mere USD11, […]...More

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[Event] Yes Techgaming League Event with CS:GO!

YES Techgaming League, a collaboration between YES 4G and Offgamers, will be having an event called Yes Techgaming League – Counter Strike:Global Offensive The Evolution Begins Here!  Yes, they are bringing Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). [ad#Google Adsense 336×280]   The event details are as below: Date : 27th – 30th September (Thursday – Sunday) Time : 10am […]...More

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Spec and Rewards Revealed

XCom: Enemy Unknown’s Pre- Purchase rewards have been announced on Steam and the game will be available on 11 October 2012. Spread this message quickly to all earthlings to unlock all these pre-purchase rewards. [ad#Google Adsense 336×280] Reward 1: Elite Soldier Pack* (Unlocked) The Elite Soldier Pack will provide the ultimate tool for soldier customization […]...More

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