Ziwen’s Ultimate Gamer Christmas Wishlist

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Wohoo, X’mas is here. And it’s time to list down a bunch of things that I want for this year’s Christmas. Well, does a gamer want for Christmas? Here are my ten items that I hope Santa will grant me. I’ve been a good boy (no, really!).

1. Motorola RAZR Maxx HD

Unbeatable battery life of up to 13 hours of video playback  and comes with Android 4.1. Still any complains? I am using a Nokia C3 and battery-draining YES Eclipse. I need a new phone badly.

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2. Starcraft 2: Heart of Swarm Deluxe Edition

Hey, it’s not Christmas when it will be released. But still, the pre-order buttion is there.

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3. Sapphire VAPOR- X Universal CPU Cooler

What is cooler than having a cooler for a Christmas present? It’s fast and quiet. Best part is, it can be mounted on any kind of processor socket you can throw at it.

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I love ROCCAT, it’s my dream to have one of this for my gaming gear. I bet one of you think that I really like Razer ’cause I am a gamer? Not exactly. I just like this particular model and the specs it offers. It’s very hard for me to actually join a cult… but creating one on the hand…

5. Corsair 240 GB Solid State Drive

This is the one thing that I am lacking in my rig. Yes. The one last thing to be a complete gaming CPU.

6. A one year FREE subscription to PCGamer UK

Yes. I like PCGamer UK. I started reading PCGUK when I was like 16 or 17. Now, since the Malaysia version has been discontinued, my alternative is to get an imported version of the magazine and that’s why I am always poor (editor, please pay me more).

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7. An exclusive invitation ticket to E3 and PAX with all expenses paid

Hey, It’s still a valid wish right? I have always dreamt to go to these kind of events. (and we shall – Vernon)

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8. Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Orchestra Blu-Ray Disc

I grew up with Final Fantasy and it helped me to pass my English test when I was very young. Yes, I’m serious.

9. An awesome Energizer Solar Power Bank

Power bank that can be charged by the sun! How cool is that? Muahahahaha. Since, I am in a sunny and hot country, why not I take advantage of it?


10. The MEK-FU Controller

A controller custom-made for Hawken. Imagine yourself in a Mecha’s cockpit and having this baby on your desk. Yeah, I know right.

Merry X’mas and what’s your wish?

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