Xcom Multiplayer Footage: Kill Aliens with Aliens!

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It’s been confirmed that we will be able to enjoy a Multiplayer mode with or as Aliens in the latest Xcom: Enemy Unknown! So, let the battle of wits begin!

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This is good news for all players that would like to try out the alien invading race instead of the usual human defenders. You can now zap those “Defenders of the Earth” to smithereens with your pew-pew lasers.

Players will points where they can on an arsenal of destruction. The Multiplayer also includes a leader board ¬†feature and rank matches. Enough explaining, let’s check out the video.

So many games in October 2012- I have no regrets if the world ends after I finish these games. XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be invading U.S first, on October 9th and then the U.K on October 12th.

Source via PCgamer


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