XCOM: Enemy Unknown First DLC Pack Out Soon

XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC is arriving sooner than you think

This is a piece of good news. For you who have been waiting for the first XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC (Downloadable Content), it’s launching December 4, 2012.

The new DLC pack called “Slingshot” places you in China and fighting against aliens and also Chinese triads. Yup, it’s back to Asia again, people.

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Fighting in the skies? Hmmm….

Killing Asians and aliens aside, there will be more new “upgrades” for customising your team like helmets and suits, but there’s no news yet on new weapons, skills and aliens/enemies to fight. News on multiplayer upgrades was also not available. I guess we will have to wait for the DLC to be out to find out.

It is available on all platforms for USD$ 6.99 or can be redeemed with 560 Microsoft Points.

Slingshot DLC would at least offer something fresh since the game was published. At least I do not have to kill sectoids anymore, just to fulfill my urge to kill invading aliens!

P/S: Wait, we are going against Chinese triads now? Aliens and Chinese triads? Strange in a ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ way but heck, I’ve got to get this to find out! ~ MOSES




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