Will Electronic Arts (EA) Trounce Bank of America to Win the Golden Poo Award?

The Consumerist - Worst Company in America 2012
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Welcome to the 7th Annual Worst Company of America Award 2012.

After enraging their loyal fans for countless of titles, Electronic Arts (EA) has emerged as a finalist, voted to be the worst company in the US for 2012. The Mass Effect debacle would be one of the many contributing factors to them being voted as such, aside from the obtaining and subsequent closure of many fan favourite development companies, low quality pay-to-play content, low quality games and DRM’s that continuously irk their customers.

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In case you didn’t know, the winner will be walking away with the prestigious Golden Poo Award.

EA has a tough competitor though. Bank of America is EA’s contender for the title, both companies having the same business ethics – to squeeze every nickel and dime from consumers at every turn. So, who will be the true victor in causing the most grief to their faithful and loyal patrons?

Will the wrath of gamers worldwide help EA win the award or will Bank of America take home the award by being responsible for the suffering of countless of homeless and jobless citizens in the US? Seeing as I’m a gamer, that’s a really tough choice.

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An epic clash in store. If you are interested in being a part of the voting process, feel free to drop a vote at “The Consumerist”. Full list of companies below:

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