When medium, is a large not small problem


And… I’ve just made another coaster. My fourth attempt to burn a backup of my stuff has yet again, failed. Lying in the bin, in no particular order, are 4 spanking new Sony CD-Rs. Unusable.

Toast Titanium 6 (the best CD-burner app on the planet?) kept bugging me with a “Medium Error”, just when it needs to do a “lead-out” to close the burning session. This is annoying. And I hate errors which really don’t tell you anything. Like a “Type 1” error. Or a “Type 2” error. What the fuck? How’s anyone supposed to know? Might as well just be “I’ve fucked up. It’s not my fault. It’s the system.”

My 1.8 Ghz G5 PowerMac in the office has been intermittently freezing on me. It’s not supposed to do that. It’s supposed to be uncrashable, thanks to its UNIX underpinnings. But, oh no, it has a mind of its own. It thinks it’s Windows of some sort. Hell, even the console startup is like DOS. (Well, at least there isn’t a “blue screen of death”).

I take care of it. I run maintenance scripts frequently. I do an “update_prebinding” to optimise the system. I delete and clear system + user cache. I verify and repair permissions. I do all that is possible to keep the system free of crap and running optimally.

What the heck’s going on?

And you know what’s funny? The G5 I have has a serious problem with Flash memory. Plug in any Flash-based peripherals and files get 100% corrupted. Without fail. And this has happened since upgrading to Panther (Mac OS X 10.3). Panther is quick and superb, but also introduced some nagging bugs with the update.

So, I thought – why not backup all your data then reformat the 120GB SATA drive and do a clean reinstall of the system? Shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks I reckon. But oh no…Toast just had to act up. Doesn’t want to burn a damn thing. Crap.

Don’t you hate it when things don’t work? The worst is when it doesn’t work and you don’t know why. Just spend your whole day figuring out through trial and error what could be causing these anomalies. Grrr… Maybe I should just format the damn thing, for the heck of it. Screw the data. Format and zero all data on the hard drive. Then leave the country.

Case closed.


By Vernon

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Tell me about it guy. Windows xp is like the maxis service hotline: everything works but you’re also being lied to 75% of the time.

Might need your opinion on some hardware, V. Buying a laptop on Sunday. My budget is RM6000, so it’s either going to be a Centrino or an AMD mobile.

Talking about that, I know a guy who works for Apple. Want discount parts and software? Write me and I will intro you to him.

Catch you later dood. I’m at my gf’s office using my current laptop hooked up to her office LAN. By the way, found a way to get the normal 512kb Streamyx account upgraded to a 10mb corporate account for RM1000 (one time payment). Oh, you’ll only be paying RM88 a month for it too. You know where to click that write to button.

Catch you on the flipside V.

Mac OS X unfreezable? Yes, that’s what I thought as well. 🙁 Nothing can be taken for granted! That’s a lesson I’ve learned! And never believe the marketing bull too. Windows or Mac. Or Linux. Or UNIX for that matter.

I hate it too when my comp acts up, doing what it’s not supposed to do, or not doing what it’s supposed to do. But mine runs on windows. Thought Mac OS X is un”freeze”able. Then again, Titanic was thought to be unsinkable.

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