Uh-Oh, Apple Needs To Apologize to Samsung….

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Will this be Apple’s apology note to Samsung? The image is fake by the way, but the story isn’t.

The news is out. Apple has lost their case on the apparent Apple Ipad versus Samsung 10.1 Tab in U.K.  and have been ordered to publicly apologize by the British Judge Colin Birss. The apology must stay on their website for the next six(6)  months stating that Samsung did not copy the Ipad. He also stated that this apology must also be posted on the news, covering all local medias.

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A win for Samsung this time, the battle still rages on in different countries however. Still, the judge did also state that Samsung’s product was not as refined as Apple’s overall. This really took off the party mood for Samsung when the decision was read in court with Judge Birrs hilariously stating that the Samsung device was ” not as cool” compared to Apple’s Ipad. Oh what joy the judge must have had nudging both sides.

Yup, the decision by the judge was quite quirky, but it did send waves through the tech community and added some much needed humor in the on going battle of who-made-what and who-copied-who world of tech, with competitors showing some tough love to each other. Come to think of it,  the parody apology post above doesn’t sound that bad with a few giggles at least for Apple. We’ll just wait for the real one to come out, like the billions of people out there.

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