Xiaomi Mi Note review: Better late than never

Announced alongside its much more powerful brethren, the Mi Note Pro, the Mi Note actually made its debut here in Malaysia in January this year. However, instead of being released say in February or March, it only arrived six months later. I can only guess why it took so long, but nonetheless I’m still glad it’s still made its way here. Definitely one of the company’s best smartphone offerings to date. While this review may seem a little late and if you’re worried that the Mi Note is now “outdated” compared to the other alternatives available, it actually isn’t. Read on to find out why. Continue Reading

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Acer Aspire R 11 unboxing and first impressions

When Intel introduced the Ultrabook back in 2011, it was to reinvigorate the lacklustre PC industry. Thanks to Intel‘s new low-powered 4th Generation Core i chips, it enabled sexier, lighter, thinner devices. Couple of years on, the chip innovation also encouraged plenty of creativity in design and form factors. Lenovo‘s Yoga in 2012 (previewed during the Windows 8 launch) defined the term ‘multi-mode’ and convertible; birthing a new segment of notebooks. Plenty more followed suit, giving consumers even more options to choose from. Now, Acer has jumped on the bandwagon, outing the Acer Aspire R 11 early last month, the first official Windows 10-powered device to hit Malaysian shores. Continue Reading

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HTC One E9+ dual SIM unboxing and first impressions

I’m sure you’ll agree that HTC‘s design prowess is second to none. If there’s one smartphone maker who can match Apple in terms of design and build, it’s got to be HTC. From the original One to now the One M9+, HTC has won hearts of fans and even industry experts. Shame it hasn’t quite translated to sales it deserves. Starting with the One M8 last year, HTC started toying with a new line-up of premium mid-range phones called the E series, sitting atop the value Desire series. I got my hands on the One E9+ dual SIM, thanks to HTC Malaysia so I’m treating you to a quick unboxing and some thoughts on the phone. Continue Reading

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LG G4 unboxing & first impressions

The LG G4 has got to be the most elusive flagship phone in the history of smartphones. Some say even more elusive than Malaysia qualifying for the World Cup. For the longest time, LG largely ignored the Malaysian market except for half-hearted low- to mid-range entries. Don’t fret, LG has finally gotten its act together. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief because the biggest, baddest LG G4 smartphone has officially landed in Malaysia (well, it did in July, anyways). Continue Reading

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[Review] Logitech Type+ for iPad Air: Ultimate typing experience for the iPad

The popularity of tablets may have dwindled in the past 24 months, but some consumers still look to them as great content consumption and notebook replacement devices. The iPad, which defined the category, is still a favourite and the de facto tablet in terms of market share and sales. Whilst tablets in many ways can serve as replacement devices for notebooks, they do have their limitations. Let’s face it, while the touch keyboard is adequate (and the iPad, IMHO has the best), it still falls short compared to a conventional, physical keyboard. When you need to get real work done, that is. Continue Reading

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Lenovo A7000: Unboxing and first impressions

Several weeks ago, Lenovo rolled out the Lenovo A7000, the world’s first smartphone to come with the famed Dolby Atmos technology. The 5.5-inch device also packs the latest MediaTek True8Core chipset with 4G LTE, and runs Android 5.0 Lollipop. As far as value-for-money goes the A7000 certainly pushes the envelope. For just RM699, you get a well-packaged performer and bits of surprises in between. I unboxed the new Lenovo mid-ranger recently, so read on for some quick first impressions of the device.

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OPPO R1x review: Stylish mid-ranger that comes with a price

You may have already read my unboxing and first impressions of the new OPPO R1x, but if you haven’t you’re most welcomed to check the post out. This stylish mid-ranger debuted in January this year and quietly hit Malaysian shores several weeks ago. Known as the OPPO R1c in its homeland China, the R1x is a looker, typical of the OPPO portfolio. But is there go underneath all that show? Read on.

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