[Review] CSL Switch Pluto Mi406

CSL Switch Pluto Mi406 Review

Android, as a mobile platform, has grown exponentially since its introduction. It leads over Apple’s iOS globally, and that position is unlikely to change any time soon. Its success and rapid adoption is much attributed to the widespread availability of value and mid-range Android phones. One brand that is thriving in the value space is Malaysian mobile manufacturer, CSL. I recently had the opportunity to test-drive the entry-level CSL Switch Pluto Mi406.

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[First Look] Gigabyte F2A85X-D3H and AMD A10-5800K APU


AMD Trinity Series APU…MOBO and Processor

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) recently released a new lineup of APU processors and compatible motherboards. We at VERNONCHAN.COM were given the opportunity to review one of their A-Series processors, the A10-5800k with a Gigabyte F2A85X-D3H motherboard. This article will introduce both components and its contents out of the box, with a separate article that focuses on the review, so if you’re more interested in the review, check back soon!

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[Review] P1 MX230 Portable and Pocket-Size 4G MiFi Modem

P1 MX230 modem

The cute modem that packs a punch

4G connectivity is beginning to gain traction in Malaysia. While some quarters debate the true definition of “4G”, none can argue that specified speeds of 3-10 times of current 3G speeds is still much welcomed. We’re lucky to have been given a chance to get up close and personal with the 4G experience. The quirky, fun 4G telco – Packet One Networks or fondly known as “P1” – were nice enough to provide us with a review unit recently to give us a taste on how fast and convenient 4G network connectivity is.

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Walking in Asgard: The Ragnarok Online 2 Experience

It’s been a little more than a month since Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of The Second went Open Beta. Of course, due to its awesome reputation as one of the first MMO’s in Malaysia, the server population sky-rocketed and the three servers were filled with huge amounts of different players everyday. As a former RO player, I would like to share my experiences in this new world of Asgard.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II: Product Review

Samsung GALAXY Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is the latest flagship phone of the Galaxy family. This newfangled “phablet” is the upgraded version of its predecessor, the original Galaxy Note. It sports pretty impressive technical specifications and offers a lot of mind boggling features to keep you entertained, anytime, anywhere. The famed S Pen –  digital stylus pen is also included which is ideal if you’re into sketching and quite useful if you feel like writing.

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