[Review] Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 (Part 1): Overview, Design & Build, Key Features

Lenovo K900 Review

China PC-maker Lenovo isn’t a brand typically associated with smartphones. The leading PC brand  in China first ventured into the smartphone race in 2012. Marketed as “LePhone in its home country and “IdeaPhone outside of China, the brand has quickly become the world’s third largest smartphone maker (Gartner, Q3 2013). Impressive. Courtesy of Lenovo Malaysia, I was loaned a unit for review. Read on.
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[First Impressions] Nokia Lumia 1520: Nokia’s 6-inch ‘Phablet’


Windows Phone 8. Only bigger.

As we speak, Nokia will be launching its first ‘phablet’ device in Malaysia – the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520, the biggest and fastest Lumia device to date. Powered by a 2.2Ghz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB RAM and packed with a massive 20MP PureView camera, the Lumia 1520 may just be the best Lumia to date. I’ve been playing around with the gigantic device for several weeks, and here are some quick first impressions.

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[Review] Ninetology U9R1: Affordable Feature-packed Mid-Range Smartphone (Part 1)

Ninetology U9R1 smartphone reviewed.

Continuing its foray into the premium segment of the mid-range market, Ninetology is quickly carving a niche for itself with some affordable, feature-packed products. The ASEAN mobile device company recently introduced the U9 Premium Smartphone Series spearheaded by the U9X1, U9Z1 and U9Z1+. Latest to join the family is the U9R1, a 4.3-inch, Snapdragon-powered smartphone. I’ve been using the device for several weeks. Read on for the full review.

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[Review] UTOO S3 Powerbank: Sexy Slim Mobile Companion


It’s amazing how the modern-day lifestyle has changed. People are now mobile, connected and carry a multitude of different devices, daily. It isn’t uncommon to see people carrying two smartphones, a tablet and more. Which makes one accessory a critical piece of kit in our mobile arsenal – the external backup battery. Here I have the weirdly named UTOO S3 Powerbank for review, a fashionably slim battery pack that would not look out of place beside your sexy new HTC One or Samsung GALAXY S4.

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