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Folding TFT Displays. Whoa.

Here’s something to get excited about for next year. Developed by its Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) with industrial design house, PilotFish, the TFT-EPD (Thin Film Transistor Electrophoretic Display) panel combines a folding-top display with a bottom-sliding secondary (separated by a 1-cm flexible strip) to double the total panel size to 5-inches — other screen sizes are also in the works. Source – Engadget
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BlackBerry Storm

I’m so loving this phone. I really want this phone. Can I have this phone?

I’m looking for a replacement for my Sony Ericsson P1i. At first I considered the super slim and sexy Nokia E71 seriously, but since the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm is in the market, I am completely and totally single-minded about getting this. I’m hoping Maxis brings it in at a good discount. Not available yet on its website but I hope will be made available soon.
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Apple Launches iPhone Your Life

Apple iPhone. Your way of life. Apple knows this. So they’ve gone one step further. They’re making it easier to get most of your iPhone. Enter iPhone Your Life. Get around town, find worldly information, let the iPhone help you around the house, get productive and have plenty of fun! iPhone Your Life includes App of the Week and Top Apps in the App Store and also plenty of tips and tricks to get you going.
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