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Bosch Introduces New Range of Digital Sound Systems and Loudspeakers

PLENA matrix digital
Bosch Security Systems has introduced its latest range of digital sound systems and portable loudspeakers. Headlining the new products are the flexible PLENA matrix digital sound system and ZLX portable-powered loudspeakers.

PLENA Matrix System
PLENA, is a versatile, flexible and powerful matrix digital sound system that is tailored to a wide range of applications including conference halls, places of worship, retail outlets, hotels and fitness centres. It features wireless and voice-activated control across eight output zones.

Bosch showed the prowess and flexibility of the PLENA matrix system with a demo of its iOS-based app, that allows end user control of audio input/output in different zones. The mobile app offers maximum control over their audio setup through an attractive GUI and works over Apple’s AirPlay. An Android-version of the app is in the pipeline, although no specific dates or timeline were announced, when we enquired.

The heart and soul of the PLENA matrix system is the 8-channel DSP Matrix Processor that provides complete control over audio configurations and signal processing. The DSP processor of Power Amplifiers are packed with powerful features including a loudspeaker library that allows for easy tuning of Bosch/EV/Dynacord loudspeaker products.

The PLENA matrix system provides flexible system control between DSP and amplifier, allowing it transport up to four channels of audio with an Amp Link connection. Basic user controls like volume and source selection can be operated via a wall-mounted panel controller.

The PLENA matrix DSP mixer can also be integrated within a building management and control system, thanks to its built-in support for Ethernet.

ZLX Range

ZLX Powered Loudspeakers
ZLX is a new range of portable powered loudspeakers by Bosch that include visual control and monitoring with presets, custom built 1000-W class D amplifier and Electro-Voice (EV) – engineered components for superior sound.

The compact and lightweight range of speakers provide power, performance and cost-savings, making it a suitable choice for small venues, DJs and solo musicians. Overall weight ranges from 15-17kgs. Made from durable polypropellane material composite, these speakers are highly durable and can be installed on a pole or stall monitor. Its unique hi/lo grip handles make them easy to move around.

The ZLX is a family of four models – ZLX-12 12″ passive (125db), ZLX-12P 12″-powered (126db), ZLX-15 15″ passive (126db) and ZLX-15P 15″-powered (127db) loudspeakers.

The ZLX range offers true plug-and-play and almost zero setup complexity, taking control of the audio source. It features a built-in DSP and LCD panel (located on the back).

The built-in DSP comes with presets for easy configuration.

The ZLX brand, originating from the US, is positioned at the entry-level mid market and is priced competitively from RM1,700.

ZLX is distributed by EV Distribution Sdn Bhd, while the higher end Dynacord brand is distributed by Sound, Lights and Audio Sdn Bhd. 

DINION HD 72-p60

DINION HD 720p60 Security Camera
Bosch also previewed and demo-ed the new DINION HD 720p60 security camera. The new camera features outstanding low-light performance and intelligent noise reduction that reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 30%.

The camera supports multi-streaming, automatic motorised back focus adjustment and user defined Regions of Interest (ROI).

The camera’s video and IVA-based features can be accessed via web browser; Bosch Video Management System; Bosch Recording System; free-of-charge Bosch Video Client or iPad app. The Bosch Video Security iPad App fully utilises Dynamic Transcoding features and enables anywhere access to HD surveillance images, even over low-bandwidth connections.

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