Apple halts development of Aperture and iPhoto for OS X

Photos app fr OSX

And so it’s finally done. In one fail swoop, Apple has killed development of both its consumer and pro photo editing suites on OS X – iPhoto and Aperture. Apple had previewed the upcoming Photos app at the recent WWDC. The new Photos app for OS X isn’t due to land on Macs until next year, so users will have to stick with the current iPhoto and Aperture till then, or look for third party alternatives. iPhoto has been a long-standing photo editing app on Macs for the past decade.

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No Samba for HyppTV. Total blackout for World Cup 2014

Hypp TV's Jeremy Kung

Jeremy Kung, TM Executive Director, New Media

With the exhilarating English Premier League and UEFA Champions League season over, the biggest football and sporting event is looming – the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Rio. Malaysians will be inexplicably glued to their TV sets, those with cable TV that is. For the rest… a trip to the local mamak, or experience a blackout, unfortunately.

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