WeChat and Yeo’s kick-off “Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest”

WeChat partners Yeo's

WeChat, global emerging mobile social communication platform, has announced a partnership with Yeo’s, a household food & beverage name in Malaysia. A result of the partnership is a contest called “Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest” which uses WeChat as an exclusive platform. Participants stand to win cash prizes of up to RM500,000 and 72 iPads over 80 days.

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Maxis launches FINDIT, Malaysia’s largest digital directory service


T. Kugan, Maxis’ Head of Digital Services (4th from left), Abraham Foss, Maxis’ Head of Enterprise (5th from right), together with merchants and partners of FINDIT, at the media experiential event held at Avenue K.

It’s a mobile world out there. Undeniably, access to information anytime, anywhere is essential as mobile technology has become ubiquitous in our daily lives. To cater to the growth of this mobile lifestyle, Maxis has launched FINDIT in partnership with FINDIT Malaysia, the largest digital directory service in Malaysia. The digital directory is free to download for mobile web, desktop as well as Android and iOS. Maxis customers can enjoy this service for free, without data charges.

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