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ZTE Blade V7 LIte

ZTE Blade V7 Lite: Lite only in name, big on everything else

If you think that owning a metal smartphone means digging deep into your pockets, ...

Wiko U Feel

The Wiko U Feel smartphone makes better use of your fingers

Wiko is a fast-growing brand with a half a dozen fun, quirky Android-based smartphones ...

Wiko Robby

The big Wiko Robby phablet will rock you for less

Wiko might be a brand you’re starting to hear a little bit more these ...

vivo V3Max

5 things that rock about the vivo V3Max

Launched in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago, the flagship vivo V3Max packs some ...

11street tips

5 tips to smart shopping

Get the most out of online shopping with these 5 smart shopping tips.

MCG 2015

e-sports gets a major boost with first-ever Malaysia Cyber Games festival

First-ever Malaysia Cyber Games is the platform to promote and develop e-sports athletes in ...

11street Xmas

Finding what you love at 11street

11street is Malaysia's most exciting e-mall, and it's the place to find the best ...

Hong Leong Connect

Banking at your fingertips with Hong Leong Connect biometric authentication

Hong Leong is the Malaysia's first bank to support biometric authentication with is Hong ...