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2 reasons why GrabPay is now even more rewarding

Grab adds two new features to its GrabPay mobile wallet, and ntroduces more rewards

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Bixby

Samsung Galaxy Note9: Bixby is the extension of you

Sometimes in life, we need a little help. Now, what if there’s someone who’s ...

Samsung Galaxy Note9 + DeX

Samsung Galaxy Note9: It’s a smartphone, it’s a PC

Do you know what would be truly awesome? Not having to lug around a ...

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Creative

Samsung Galaxy Note9: The ultimate on-the-go creative weapon

Smartphones these days are so much part of our daily lives. They’re our go-to ...

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Gaming

Samsung Galaxy Note9: Not just great for productivity

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so the proverb goes. ...

Samsung Galaxy Note9

Galaxy Note9 is purrfect for cats, here’s why

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is awesome for a great many things. And if you ...

Samsung Galaxy Note9

Samsung Galaxy Note9: The phone that lasts

One of the pain points of owning a smartphone is battery life. There’s nothing ...

Realme 2 Pro

Realme 2 Pro: Power and style, made for today’s youth

The mid-range smartphone segment is a sweet spot for the mass consumer. Why? Because ...