The Knightscope K7 is a crime-fighting robot for hire

If you have been to any shopping mall or parking lot in the US, chances are that you may have come across a few robots patrolling around the premises. This is the work of Knightscope, a security startup based in Mountain View, California, the United States. They have been producing “crime-fighting” robots for a few years now. Their earlier models, K3 and K5 have been doing just that. However, they have just revealed two more additions to the line up–the K7 sensor-laden dune buggy and the K1 stationary weapon detector.      Continue Reading

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Trend Micro Maximum Security 2014 Cloud Edition comprehensive multi-device, multi-platform protection

Trend Micro

The recent exposure of nude celebrity photos, Gmail account leaks and compromise of Dropbox are just few of many cyber security exploits affecting the world today. With consumers owning more and more devices, exposure to cybercime increase even further. To better protect consumers, Trend Micro has launched its latest, most comprehensive security solution to date – Trend Micro Maximum Security 2015 Cloud Edition – offering protection from cyber threats for PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

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