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[Review] Don’t Starve

If you’re a huge fan of survival games, why don’t you try this indie wilderness survival “horror” game, Don’t Starve. Like the name of the game, your goal is to survive, and what’s more important than food? So I bought this through Steam, as the 2-pack beta access pack is available for a mere USD11, where the actual retail price will be USD15 per copy. This game is also available for Chrome, here.

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Steam Beta for iOS and Android Now Open to All

Steam mobile app

About a week ago, popular gaming service, Steam was made available to iOS and Android mobile users, as a closed beta release. The Steam app features gaming news feeds and the ability to browse the extensive catalog. It allows you to keep in touch with your fellow Steam buddies or mobile chat session. It’s pretty much a companion app to the desktop version, and you may not be missing out on much. The good news is that now, Steam mobile is open to all for download.
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