Mouse 2.0

A Flick Is as Good as a Click: Microsoft’s Multitouch Mouse Redefines the Mouse

Touch Mouse-LR

Mouse 2.0 Research, a collaborative effort between Microsoft Research Redmond, Microsoft Research Cambridge, and Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group, used extensive user feedback research as well as a lot of user testing to explore a new class of input devices. The research evidently, launched the project that won the best-paper award during the Association for Computing Machinery’s 22nd Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. The project caught the eye of Microsoft Hardware, who decided to form a team to commercialise the multitouch mouse. The result? The Microsoft Multitouch Mouse.

Mouse 2.0 introduced five research prototypes, each exploring a different touch-sensing strategy that influenced the design of different mouse form factors and their interaction possibilities. The prototypes included three camera-imaging approaches, multiple optical sensors, and the use of capacitive sensors on a curved surface. The currently code-named “Cap Mouse” was ultimately selected to become the Touch Mouse.

Microsoft Touch Mouse is designed for Windows 7 and lets people click, flick, scroll and swipe, much like what users are used to on their smartphones and tablet devices. Microsoft brings the multitouch experience to the Windows 7 desktop, combining the virtues of a traditional mouse with the natural language of gesturing.

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