olloclip: Extending Your iPhone 4/4S Camera

The smartphone is the epitome of the modern day digital Swiss Army knife. It is a personal digital assistant that talks back to you (hint: Siri), a navigator (GPS), a social networking hub, book reader, media player, gaming device, heck, it even makes calls. One area that has truly taken off is phone photography. And there’s nothing quite like an add-on like olloclip to make things a tad more interesting.

No longer are phones armed with crappy VGA cameras that take blurry, noisy pictures, they are now increasingly sophisticated with great pixel density and zoom. We’re talking about cutting edge software from face-recognition to autofocus to smile detection. We’re talking 8MP and above with bigger sensors and better optics. Hell, at the recently concluded Mobile World Conference (MWC) 2012, we just saw what the future holds when Nokia revealed its 41MP wonder.